homeThis is the official web site of the film composer Nuno Malo. This site contains samples of the scores he has composed for feature films and other projects. NEWS ____________________________________________________________ October 2012 - Nominated for BEST SCORE FOR A FEATURE FILM (THEATRICAL RELEASE) with the score of "LUV". Fellow Nominees are John Williams with Lincoln ; Thomas Newman with SKYFALL 007 ; Howard Shore with The Hobbit ; Michael Danna with The Life of Pi ; Johnny Greenwood with The Master ; Alexandre Desplat with Rise of the Guardians ; Marco Beltrami with The Sessions ; Moritz Schmittat with Shady Lady. A n amazing honor to be next to such amazing composers. For Complete List of Nominees check this link June 2012 - Nominated for a Goldsmith Award for BEST SCORE FOR A FEATURE FILM with the score for "Miel De Naranjas". May 2012 - In London for the inaugural Sundance Film Festival London, where LUV has been selected to be screening. May 2012 - Going to the Malga Film Festival for the Premiere of "Miel De Naranjas" March 2012 - Recording the score of "Miel De Naranjas" with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. February 2012 - In Spain working on the film "Miel De Naranjas" directed by the renowed spanish director Imanol Uribe. January 2012 - "LUV" is an Official Selection at Sundance Film Festival 2012, competing in the US Dramatic Category! November 2011 - Completed composing and recording the Score for "LUV", directed by Sheldon Candis, starring Common, Michael Rainey Jr, Danny Glover, Dennis Haysbert, Michael Kenneth Williams. Music was recorded with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and features a lot of Electric guitars played by Nuno Malo. Visit the website of the film WWW.luvthefilm.com August 2011 - Completed composing and recording the score for "No God, No Master" directed by Terry Green, Starring David Strathairn, Ray Wise, Sam Witwer, Edoardo Ballerinni, and Mariana Klaveno. The film is a Period drama/Thriller set in the Summer of 1920. The score was recorded with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and Choirand also features solo isntrumentalists Tina Guo on solo Cello, Ivana Grubelic on solo Piano, and Yue Deng on the Solo Violin. For more info check the website: www.NoGodNoMasterMovie.net May 2011 - Nuno Malo Nominated for a Goldspirit Award for "BEST REVELATION COMPOSER" alongside Trent Reznor (The Social Network), and Daft Punk (Tron) among others. February 2011 - Nuno Malo wins the BREAKOUT CBREAKOUT COMPOSER OF THE YEAR AWARD at the IFMCA 2010 Awards. - hjhg - February 2011 - Nuno Malo has been nominated for 2 awards for scoring excellence by the INTERNATIONAL FILM CRITICS ASSOCIATION! Best Original Score For a Drama Film "Amalia" alongside with Black Swan, True Grit, The King's Speech and The Karate Kid ! and Breakout Composer of the Year 2010! For more info click here. January 2010 - Completed the score for "Two Hours in The Dark", a film about the life of legendary director Frank Capra. The film is directed by Chip Hackler. For more info visit http://www.twohoursinthedark.org/ Oct 2009 - "The Lost and Found Family" is released on DVD. This film is directed by Barnet Bain, and is distributed by Soy Pictures. For more info visit http://www.lostandfoundfamilymovie.com/ May 2009 - Working on "Assalto Ao Santa Maria". This film is directed by Francisco Manso, and is a period piece about the historic overtaking of a cross-Atlantic cruise ship (Santa Maria) back in the 50's, in the time of the Dictatorship of Salazar, The Overtaking was done has a call to liberty and as way to show the rest of the world the oppression that Portugal was under at the time. It was ultimately and officially considered a courageous act of Peace by President Kennedy in a statement. The film is set to released in 2010. March 2009 - Working on "Backlight". This film is direcgted by Fernando Fragata and was shot on Location in Los Angeles, CA, and Nevada Desert. The film is set to released in 2010. Dec 2008 - The film "Amalia" is released. This is a film about the personal and artistic life of legendary Portuguese singer that had a huge international acclaim and performed worldwide. Directed by Carlos Coelho Da Silva. For more info and to watch the trailer please visit: http://www.amaliathemovie.com Jan 2008 - The film "Arte De Roubar" AKA "Art Of Stealing" is released. For more info and to watch the trailer please visit: http://www.ArtofStealing.com Oct 2007 - The film "Julgamento" AKA "The Trial" With an Orchestral Score by Nuno Malo is released on October 11th 2007. For more info and to watch the trailer please visit: http://www.castellolopesmultimedia.com/julgamento/ May 2007 - The film "Behind The Clouds" AKA "Atráz Das Nuvens" is released on May 31st 2007. For more info and to watch the trailer please visit: www.AtrazDasNuvens.com May 2007 - Working on a new Feature film directed by Barnet Bain "Mrs. Hobbes House" Starring Ellen Bry, Jessica Luza, Raegan Lamb, Lucas Till and Lynn Cole March 2007 - Working on the Comercials for EDP - the Portuguese Power Department. The comercial is directed by Marco Martins and it includes an adaptaton of the song "Heºs Got The Whole World In His Hands". It features an orchestral arragement that serves as the music score and tries to underlines the message that it is in our hands to help save the world by embracing the innovative energy sources, which EDP is an active supporter and user. The comericial can be seen at: http://vids.myspace.com/InOurHands or www.ministeriodosfilmes.com December 2006 - Working on a symphonic album comissioned by a Taiwaneese record company. The album has 8 Symphonic Poems, and are recorded with the Budapeste Symphony Orchestra. The Album is titled Morning Star and will be relesed in Asia in April 2007. July 2006 - Working on "Filme Da Treta", a feature film directed by José Sacramento, produced by Leonel Vieira and Pedro Camacho. For more Info and Trailer visit www.filmedatreta.sic.pt April 2006 - Composed the music for the Sagres comercials "Diamonds" and "Painting" both starring Pierce Brosnan. This is said to be the most expensive promotional campaign ever in Portugal. Watch the comercial at: Diamonds http://vids.myspace.com/Diamonds Painting http://vids.myspace.com/Painting February 2006 - The US release of "The Celestine Prophecy" movie is set for April 21, 2006. for more information on Theatrical Roll-out and to see the trailer of the film visit the film's official website: www.TheCelestineProphecyMovie.com February 2006 - Started scoring a new feature film titled "Behind the Clouds" AKA "Atráz Das Nuvens" directed by Jorge Queiroga. The Film is produced by Maria João Mayer and François d'Artemare. The cast: Nicolau Breyner, Ruben Leonardo, Sofia Monteiro Grillo, Graciano Dias, Carmen Santos, José Eduardo. www.AtrazDasNuvens.com October 2005 - The book titled "The Celestine Prophecy: The Making of the Movie" comes out in October 2005 in bookstores. The book includes a chapter about the composer, the music and the recording sessions, and has more than 150 full color photographs taken on the set during shooting in Costa Rica, stills from the movie, and commentary on the day-to-day aspects of capturing the magic of the Nine Insights on film for a whole new audience. www.amazon.com April 2005 - The score for "The Celestine Prophecy" is recorded with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. The film is set to be released in theatres in the spring of 2006. For more information visit James Redfield's website www.celestinevision.com or the movie's official website www.TheCelestineProphecyMovie.com February 2005 - The DVD od "Tudo Isto é Fado"(Fado Blues) is released by Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment. October 2004 - The score for “Estorias de pintura”, a feature documentary about the art of painting, was completed in October 2004. July 2004 - The Score for “Mano” is recorded with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra. The Film is released on November 17, 2005. For more information visit the official site at www.costacastelo.pt/mano/ April 2004 - "Tudo isto é Fado"(Fado Blues), the feature film directed by Luís Galvao Teles, is released on April 1. The film is distributed by COLUMBIA TRISTAR WARNER, FILMES DE PORTUGAL, LTD., and will be playing on 31 screens throughout the country. For more information about this film visit www.tudofado.com March 2004 - The Premiere of the film "Tudo Isto é Fado"(Fado Blues) is on March 30 (by invitation only) at Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon, and it has already confirmed the presence of the President of the Republic of Portugal and Dr. Mota Amaral. March 2004 - The soundtrack of the film "Tudo Isto é Fado"(Fado Blues) is released in April by Vidisco record label. For more information visit www.vidisco.pt March 2004 - "Tudo Isto é Fado"(Fado Blues) is an official selection at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA, USA. For more information about this festival visit www.cinequest.org March 2004 - MK2 is releasing on March 9 an album titled "Musique Et Cinéma Du Monde" (distributed by Warner Music France) which includes Nuno Malo’s piece from the soundtrack of "Tudo Isto é Fado"(Fado Blues). On the CD there are also works of such composers as Lalo Shifrin, Caetano Veloso and Madredeus. For more information about this CD visit www.mk2.com and click on the "Europe Ibérique" CD. (or amazon.com) December 2004 - The Album "Star-Crossing" is nominated for best instrumental album at the Golden Melody Awards 2003, Taiwan. November 2003 - The album "Cloud and Water" by Nuno Malo is released in Taiwan by Voice of The Ganges record label. October 2003 -"Mulher-Polícia" (Police-Woman) is an official selection at the Hollywood Film Festival 2003, in October. For more information visit www.hollywoodfilmfestival.com May 2003 - "Mulher-Polícia" (Police-Woman) the feature film directed by Joaquim Sapinho is released in cinemas, throughout Portugal.November 2003 - The album "Star-Crossing" by Nuno Malo is released in Taiwan by Voice of The Ganges record label. January 2003 - "Mulher-Polícia" (Police-Woman) is an official selection at the Berlin Film Festival 2003. For more information visit www.berlinale.de
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"LUV" receives a NOMINATION for BEST SCORE FOR A FEATURE FILM at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2012 (next to ‘Lincoln’, ‘Life of Pi’, ‘Skyfall’, ‘The Master’, ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Rise of The Guardians’)